“Santa Hugh is not just the best Santa – he is “Santa” to many of the children that attend our annual Santa’s Workshop that we have for our clients’ children and grandchildren. Our first Workshop was in 2005, and he is the only Santa we have had since. Many of our kids have grown through these years, and Santa Hugh remembers each of them every year. He and Mrs. Claus have made many beautiful memories for all of us. Santa Hugh is jolly, kind, soft spoken and always makes the children feel so special. They eagerly await their turn to sit in his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas, and they know he will not forget! It wouldn’t be Santa’s Workshop without Santa Hugh and Mrs. Claus!”
Barbara Orler, Koss Olinger Financial Group



“For the past two seasons, the Ocala Kmart Distribution Center has enlisted the help of “Santa Hugh” and his team to conduct a holiday event at our facility. The event provided an opportunity for employees to meet co-workers’ families, and get their picture taken with Santa. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Santa Hugh’s professionalism and interaction with the children. His team really creates a festive environment for children of all ages to participate and we recommend him to other companies looking to spread holiday cheer to employees and their families.”
Mary Ford, Kmart Distribution Center


“Santa Hugh is wonderful to work with. He has truly been the key to the success of our Operation: Santa Delivery event. He is reliable and flexible. At our 2007 event, approximately 300 people attended. At our 2008 event, approximately 2500 people attended. He was patient and made sure that every child got their ‘moment with Santa.’ I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful he is and look forward to working with him for many years to come.”
Christine Evans, Donor Services Manager, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers


“Santa Hugh is incredible. He is loved by the young and old alike. He is always jolly, and he exudes warmth. Everyone is drawn to him. Santa Hugh and Mrs. Santa have made appearances at the last two STOP! Children’s Cancer Holiday Traditions concerts. They have been more than gracious to donate their time and talents for this concert. They have been a true treasure to the mission of the concert, and we greatly appreciate their most gracious donation. They plan on making another appearance at the concert again this year on November 29. We, the STOP! Children’s Cancer Holiday Traditions Committee, look forward to having them every year if they want to participate. What a beautiful gift they donate every year in order to help raise awareness and revenue for pediatric children’s cancer research. We absolutely love them!”
Diane Biernacki, Producer, STOP! Children’s Cancer Holiday Traditions Concert

“Santa Hugh takes being jolly very seriously. I was impressed with the special training he’s received on being Santa for children with special needs, but most impressive is seeing him one-on-one with kids. He is Santa – no doubt about it.”
Gary Kirkland, writer, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers and former columnist with The Gainesville Sun

“My company has used Santa Hugh for the past six years. We think he is the best Santa we have ever seen. He is great with the kids and parents and a pleasure to do business with.” 
Lester Burkett, Skate Station Funworks

“Santa Hugh is the best Santa ever, period. He is the real thing, and when Mrs. Claus comes, and they bring their throne, there’s not a kid in the world not awestruck by the scene. I don’t think there could be a better Santa than Santa Hugh.”
Satchel Raye, Satchel’s Pizza


“The first time we used Santa Hugh was on short notice. He made time to fit me in his very busy schedule. We were not disappointed. He gave very special time to all our employees’ children. He is one of the most realistic Santas I have had the pleasure to know. Let’s not forget Mrs. Santa – what a wonderful asset to our Christmas party. We are looking forward to this year’s party and seeing the joy on the children’s faces when Santa comes in the room.” 
Pat Scott, Mike Scott Plumbing


“For several years, Santa Hugh has generously donated his time to the Junior League of Gainesville’s Miracle on Main Street program. Every year, he and Mrs. Claus climb aboard a big red fire truck and deliver toys to underprivileged children of Alachua county that attend the event. His arrival is the highlight of the event. Every child gets a chance to tell Santa what they want and have their picture taken. It is wonderful to see the expressions on the children’s faces as they check him out, trying to see if he is the real Santa. They can see that he has on the right outfit – velvet red suit, black boots, a thick belt with “Santa” embossed on the buckle and, of course, the fur-trimmed red hat. Then, they climb up and check out his face – it is round with red cheeks. His hair is white, just like it should be, and, of course, they always check out his beard. It may be the beard that convinces some of them, but I think it is also the kind way he speaks to them. My favorite Santa Hugh story actually happened one Sunday in spring when he wasn’t even “on duty.” We were at church, and a friend of mine’s daughter was walking out of church, while Santa Hugh was walking in. The little girl was around three years old, and when she saw Santa Hugh walking toward her, she started yelling “Santa, Santa!” Her mother wasn’t sure what to do. She was so surprised that her daughter would remember Santa because it had been months since Christmas, and she was so young. Santa Hugh didn’t miss a beat. He took out a card from his pocket that said “Santa” and handed it to the little girl. For weeks after that, the little girl carried the card around telling everyone she met that Santa that goes to her church.”
Jenn Garrett, Junior League of Gainesville’s Miracle on Main Street